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AAA-MMORPG VR Metaverse space game Built on Solana Blockchain


What is Sanctumeta

Sanctumeta will make a significant jump forwards in recent innovation and set out the freedom for a massive sci-fi experience that is totally new, huge and realistic. It will represent the new form of future’s Virtual reality for all Metaverse users and fans where it building a whole new world for players which illustrate the great innovation of Stunning visuals quality of games thanks to Real-time graphics technology with Unity. Sanctumeta represents a new gaming era.

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Make new friends, new enemies,fight long battles

Journey across a vast and varied landscape on your quest to hunt.
make new friends and build your city as you like


Draft your starters. Challenge to be the best. 

Outsmart and counter your opponents strategically to place rank in competition.

Earn through play, and become part of our community-based governance.

what we do


Apartment kitchen in Sanctumeta

Sanctumeta vast user base will allow monetization through advertising and sponsorship providing an opportunity to share in revenue generation via an NFT mechanism. By using the world’s most advanced real time 3D Creation Engine, Sanctumeta will leverage this technology to create stunning visualizations and user experience. Sanctumeta people will be able to educate themselves in the basics of crypto or engage in more advanced learning, earn revenue through real estate ownership, advertising revenue, play games, build networks and much more.



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High realistic graphics
Dynamic setting

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