Introduction to Sanctumeta

Sanctumeta represents a new age in gaming. It has been
engineered from the ground-up to support the long-term
sustainability of the Sanctumeta game and governance and
provide players with an AAA-rated blockchain gaming experience.
What makes Sanctumeta unique is that stackers receive regular
distributions and can vote on everything from Tokenomics related
issues to the features in the game itself.
With Sanctumeta, the power to define the project into the future is
purposefully left to those who stake in the protocol.

To become the next evolution of Metaverse epoch, to expand and
furnish the revolution of VR, by offering the world a way to construct and
create immersive experiences while monetizing and sharing content
that will result in an ever-expanding virtual Metaverse Reality.
Sanctumeta aims to smarten and totalize the new epoch of VR and
game concepts; working to turn our passion for Metaverse and gaming
into a booming Virtual reality Game experience containing all Features
and functions our clients will need, in order to enjoy our exceptionally
customized map and utilities among many other tools and functions.


Sanctumeta Roadmap

Operation Stage 1

• Analysis of the Blockchain capabilities
• Sanctumeta Idea & Feasibility Validation
• Team Building
• website V0.1 Goes live
•Project commencement & Allocation of
• Configuration & Design of Sanctumeta/
Initiation of Design phase – Front end UI
• Issue whitepaper/Light paper

Operation Stage 2

• Game studio/developers partnership
• Storyboard Preparation
• Early Adopter Rounds Opens
• Token sale Rounds
• Token Minting/Initiation of Token development
• Timeline Estimation
• Completion of token and verified smart contract
• Token Security Audit
• Sanctumeta NFT Design
• 1ST NFT Sale
• 2ND NFT Sale

Operation Stage 3

• Truffle test completion for contract and report preparation
• DEX/CEX Listing
• 3D and Environment Planning
• Successful transaction report preparation
• Functionality document preparations
• Real Estate NFT Minting
• NFT Marketplace Launch

Operation Stage 4

• Staking Launch
• Wireframing
• Infrastructure Dev
• Front End Dev
• Completion of Front end UI

Operation Stage 5

• VR experience v1
• Basic settings of Admin panel

Operation Stage 6

• Demo link with all the pages integrated > Front end
• Play to earn v1
• VR experience v2

Operation Stage 7

•Testing in Live
•Go live

Economic in Sanctumeta

It is a high-level strategy, precision and performance war
game that combines the need for thinking, organization
and cooperation between players.
The purpose of the game is to rebuild what was destroyed
as a result of the invasion of the aliens, after the partial
destruction of the earth.
The player must work in a team spirit, cooperation and
thinking, in addition to developing short and long-term
strategic plans.
One of the best things about it is the ability to travel to all
the planets of the game map, search and discover, build
and control operations to harness these resources in order
to rebuild the refuge that remains for the players.
At the beginning, the player chooses one of the factions
he wants to join, and he can’t change it later. The player
can customize the character and get an identification card
that distinguishes him.
After that, the player must train and think to improve his
fitness level and obtain a military rank that will allow him to
build a team that performs tasks, which will serve the
interest of him, his team and everyone in general.

There are three factions.
The humans who built a huge spaceship that rises a few
kilometers from the earth, where they put in it the most
expensive furniture, animals, technology and resources
they use to build their ship and develop their weapons and

The aliens who came from abroad and resided on planet
Earth as a result of the destruction of their planet, where
they chose on Earth a center and built in it everything they
needed to develop and sustain their race, and built a fleet
of ships and defenses that protected them from the
infiltration of monsters and opponents.
As for the third faction, they are the inhabitants of the
ocean, after the destruction of the land; the ocean was
that safe haven that sufficed for life. they inhabited a
secret shelter city, which was constructed under the
ocean, and started to search for resources and establish
their territory.
Each of these factions has what keeps it alive, it is the
core of eternal energy, which each faction must protect
with sword and blood, because losing it means losing a
large part of the resources needed to live and build.
There are three energy cores, each faction carries an
energy core in its center, which are hidden in secret
places and guarded by guards who do not sleep.
To get resources, you must search outside of shelters,
underground, at the bottom of the ocean and in the vast
some monsters came out from under ground secret
laboratories where they came to life through secretly
conducted experiments , doors of these laboratories were
broken through the explosion which occurred after the
colliding of the alien’s spaceship with earth.
These monsters are stationed near the places where the
resources needed to play.
To get them you have to fight a direct battle with these
monsters and maybe with the other faction trying to get
resources as well.
Some of these resources are located above the surface of
the earth, and others need to carry out missions or solve

quizzes to obtain them, or perhaps you need to make a
sacrifice or build drilling machines to extract them.
All resources are materials that can be bought and sold in
the central market. The player can sell them to his faction
or to other factions, or use them to build a house or land
or to develop his weapons and equipment.
In exchange for selling these goods, the player will get
special coins that were minted and accepted among these
factions, this coin is called “SAN”
The last reason that pushes these factions to continue is
today’s and tomorrow’s gold.
The player can convert the SAN coin into a real currency
like the dollar, or he can store it in the faction’s vaults and
get another currency that helps him impose his power and
rule over the faction.

When getting resources, the player also gets some
rewards, these rewards are paid in their currency, SAN.

However, in order for the player to be able to search and
earn from resources, he must be ready to fight individual
and team battles.
The player must join one of the teams that specialize in
carrying out activities that aim to raise economy and
When joining, the player is tested on several levels, some
of which are individual, and some of them need
The player does not lose any property when training, but
he gets some resources to support him to continue to rise
to stronger and better ranks, but this is not the case in real
wars and battles. When his machines are injured or

destroyed, he loses part of these resources and needs to
be rebuilt.

Military ranks range from soldier to commander in chief.
The player can obtain higher ranks by purchasing the rank
with SAN coin, or by continuous training.
Each player has a rank, and each rank has a task.
Including that he must work on building ships, farming,
fighting, or infiltrating enemy territory, the player receives
instructions for his mission from the Supreme Commander
when it comes to multiplayer battles
For completing this mission, the player earns valuable
rewards and prizes that can be exchanged for real-world
The more difficult and remote the challenge, the greater
the prizes and loot will be.
The game is designed with an inexhaustible economic
system, where the external profits are shared and
distributed to everyone who participates in building and
developing the land and machinery.
The distribution is made according to the value of
participation and work.
The player can buy land in which his faction center is, and
build on it as he pleases, where he can build an
entertainment center, a cafe, or places for entertainment
for players and visitors, and he provides his services in
return for a fee paid in SAN coin.
In addition to the possibility of placing advertisements in
front of or on the walls of the building, this would increase
the player’s income.
Part of the profits must be paid as a land tax. This tax
goes to the leadership that organizes the development of
construction and the war fleet.

Players are supported from time to time with some
equipment and tools that are free, while others can be
purchased from the market to save time and effort.
Players can buy machines and equipment from the central
market, which helps to speed up the development process
and raise the level of rewards resulting from searches.
Some of the machines in the game need one player to
control, others need a group of players, and sometimes
you can buy or rent some robot nomads to fight or work
with you.
And some of the machines need a whole team of trained
experts in working on some machines. In addition to that,
everyone needs a plan that keeps the resources and the
machines safe and organized.
Large operations need people who have the passion and
ability to organize these operations, and here comes the
role of leaders and engineers.

Economic life

Resources are divided into the following groups:
The in-game currencies (SAN& DSAN) that help raise
the limitation of each faction, and enable it to trade and
rule for the development of the faction.
Resources obtained from searching and completing
team- or solo missions, as well as gifts that are provided
based on participation.
Property, divided into:
Land where any player can buy land from the central
market or from one of the other players.
Machines and equipment that the player can obtain by
purchasing them, or developing them by integrating
several other items.


To delve a little deeper into these assets:
First, the digital currencies within the game.
We have two types of currencies, the first one is called
SAN, which can be obtained from centralized and
decentralized platforms and transferred for use within the
The holder of this currency enables the purchase and sale
of in-game property, weapons and equipment, ships and
A portion of this currency is burned quarterly, to raise its
division and rarity, in addition to redistributing some profits
to players and raising rewards.
As for the DSAN coin, it is the gold that protects these
cities; you can get it by storing the SAN coin inside the
game, or buying it. Its holders can get rewards from other
players, in addition to their political power, which
contributes to construction and development. In addition to
their ability to come up with plans to expand the game or
increase and decrease resources and missions.

To support the acquisition of DSAN, random huge special
missions will be set at separate intervals of time. For a
chance to participate in these quests, the treasure map
will be divided into three sections. Players will be able to
play three game rounds to get them, or they can buy them
from the winning team.
Each part of the map will include a mission, including
searching and finding or killing some dangerous monsters,
or performing infiltrations, and proving abilities.

In return, the treasure contains a huge value. The largest
share is distributed to the winning participants, and the
other part is collected to support the development of the
faction and construction.

The game contains three main cities

The Sanctum – NOVAS 

The first is the mother ship, which floats a few kilometers above the ground, where Novas  who have been displaced from the land inhabit it.

The mother ship is distinguished by modernity, technology and sophistication.

It is filled with holograms, light reflections, and artistic paintings that reflect the beauty and progress of human civilization.

The ship contains fifty floors, and each floor contains many lands that are ready for sale, or that contain recreational facilities, such as the theater, cinema, and the Museum of Antiquities and Art.

In addition, there are some training facilities, schools, training centers and practical qualifications to engage in the labor market inside the game and in real life through the experiences, services and technologies provided by the game designers’ partners.

The ship floats in a laser shield surrounding it and protecting it from enemy raids, but the shield is not without penetrations from time to time.

The war fleet floats around the mother ship to be ready to repel any attacks from the enemies, and in full readiness to move towards other planets in search of resources and loot.


As for the planet Earth, after its destruction, the Lunas have no choice but to try to rebuild what they can, to live in it and save their species from extinction and demise. Multiple features.

The center of this city consists of a circular land that extends over several rivers that supply it with fresh water, and its buildings rise clearly above the clouds. 

They also built several gardens, outdoor cinemas and concerts, and technical centers equipped with the latest technology and machines they could.

The city has a large number of training and educational centers that increase the ability of players to engage in play, in addition to increasing intellectual awareness to use it in life outside the game.

This city is protected by a gaseous shield formed after the Big Bang, which created a healthy environment for Lunas , unlike Novas . The Lunas were able to rebuild parts of the war fleet, ready to move to distant locations in space, in search of more resources to rebuild their ancient empire.

Evis- Demegris

As for the inhabitants of the ocean, the Demegris, a civilization that is millions of years old, no one had heard of before the Big Bang, but that destruction did not spare them, and forced them to appear in front of everyone.

In the depths of the terrifying darkness of the ocean, the Evis live in safety and peace under a stone shell formed over thousands of years.

The city has huge buildings and statues, recreational and educational facilities, training centers for martial arts and sports, as well as technological and military progress.

An army consisting of several water ships capable of diving into the depths of the ocean and flying to the farthest reaches of space helps protect this beautiful city from enemy serial attempts to obtain resources and war plans, as well as long tours of the vast space in search of more resources and a better environment.

Lands in Sanctumeta

The player can buy land in the city he decides to become
a member in, and he can rent it or resell it at a higher
Or the establishment of buildings or a recreational or
sports activity to pay visitors to the game to enter his
property and spend some currency inside his
headquarters to achieve income from them, in addition to
his ability to allow those interested to display
advertisements on the walls of the building.
The game management will support the owners of the
land with some rewards based on their performance in
developing the game.
The price of the land is evaluated based on its proximity to
the center or recreational and educational activities, but
the game in general is designed so that the player can see
a large percentage of the buildings, which helps in
organizing time in addition to supporting land owners and
partners in spreading their products in front of a larger


As we mentioned, there are three factions in this game,
but each faction has several characters.
Including large or tall, or attractive in shape, including the
veteran fighter and the smart and graceful
There will be unique and rare characters, in addition to a
set of skins and clothes that can be purchased and used.

P Vs P

In this mode, the player will practice their strength against other players in a not so serious way. Preparing themself to try and get some ranks. It’ll be possible to fight against anyone, of any kind of faction.




In this mode, the player will prove their strength against other players in a very serious way. It’ll cost them their resources, but will grant them the rank of their abilities. They’ll be able to always aim for higher ranks, in pursuit to be the best!


P Vs E or P Vs W


In this mode, the player will be against the world. Trying to survive while in search of resources, alone or with a crew. Fight against monsters, space pirates, and other challenges. Be sure to be prepared, because they’ll not take it easy.


Faction Vs Faction


In this mode, the player will practice with their faction against another when the war starts. It’ll cost resources, but is the best and safest way to prepare themselves.  


Factions War


This is the real deal. It’s when the factions will collide for power. All the training, the ranks, the resources collected by the players will be put on line. The factions will make plans, strategy, alliances, betrayals, any kind of strategy that will bring their faction to the top. Even… dirty tricks, like stealing the Energy Core…


Core Steal


The Energy Core is the most important source of energy of each faction. They are protected by traps, mazes, guards, and other things. The players of each faction can work together in the mission of giving their own faction the bargain chip to control their enemies. But at same time, each faction can invest in security and even “work” in the protection of the Energy Core. (It’s not an official job).


Entertainment Competitions


Spaceships races, steal the flag, monster killer, speed run, you name it! The players are free to invest in competitions to entertain themselves, in a very amicable way, or even, in a lucrative way. Putting rewards, taxing participation, contracting artists to make the event flashier. Since it will be made by the players most of the time, it’ll depend on them how it’ll go.

NFT publishing feature

* VR Meeting rooms, which enable our clients to save costs of traveling around the globe, meetings
become more efficient, save time, efforts and costs.
*One to one coaching sharing experiences and knowledge around varied topics or areas Such as changing
careers, developing skills, improving job performance, Increasing positivity, Problem-solving
techniques, setting goals and much more.
* Advertisements space feature enables our clients to raise their number of customers through having the
chance to advertise his business and services 24/7 around the globe with no extra global advertisement
fees in a huge customer-rich environment.
* Sales increase (client website’s visitors’ increase)
*Land buy, sell & renting once our client has bought a land and built a store on it, or owned a store, his
store will be 24/7 online with no additional costs or zero employment costs
* Assets buy function enables you to buy assets, which you can sell later mostly with higher price due to
the huge community of Sanctumeta and the growth rate of its value.
* Staking through staking you earn more in addition to the high revenue return you get advantages and
additional features
* Virtual stores and products offering with enjoying the opportunity of 24/7 global online service.
* Virtual Office features which helps students and teacher among others to break boundaries between each
other and reach each other wherever they existed on earth (educational courses, schools, colleges and
universities, educational institutes…etc.)
* VR concerts and Parties
* VR events
* A variety of sectors including:
* Brokers
* Business men & women
* Musical concerts agencies
* Event organizers
* Health care providers
* Artists
* Trainers
* Advertisements agencies
* Educational institutes and educators

Unites two types of vehicles in the game

A- Non-combatant type, or commercial vehicles

These vehicles are characterized by speed and efficiency

and can be purchased from the central market
There will be a range of cars, motorcycles, light ships,
marine and aircraft.
All of them are Non-combatant, but there are exclusive
challenges for them, where competitions and races will be

B- Fighter type

There are large groups of combat ships
Huge, light and rare, all of them are equipped with several
levels of protection, armor and different weapons, and it is
also possible to transport soldiers, equipment and some
resources using them.

It should be noted that these equipment can be destroyed

or partially destroyed after fighting battles, but they can be

rebuilt using iron or scrap resulting from battles.

All ships running on a specific fuel can be refueled from

gas stations.

Some ships require more than one person to operate all of

their combat or movement features.

And some other ships are distinguished by their speed,

the durability of their armor, or their deadly weapons.

All ships can be bought and sold in the central market, in

addition to the possibility of chartering.

Ship owners have some advantages, one of which is that

they get a larger portion of the resources generated from

the battles they participated in.



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